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Titan Type: Meso-Titan Warrior

Size: Large

Special Power: Disruptor, make high power Titans difficult to control

Height: 13 feet

Weight: 1,100 lbs



Used By: Rassimov, Dante Vale

Archwarder is the ultimate defense against the rare Legendary Titans, as this plant Titan is able to counter their unique abilities, leveling the playing field for its Seeker.

History[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

Archwarder was first seen given to Rassimov by The Professor. Then in a fight between The Professor, Dante, and Lok, Rassimov used Archwarder to disrupt Daoh and Behemoth. When the team raids [[The Professor's Castle], Rassimov pretended to lose against Dante so he could drop the Archwarder amulet and let Dante pick it up. Archwarder was then used by Dante on Overlose so Dendras' puppeteer ability would overpower the Professor's control of Overlose. Rassimov did this so that the Professor would be defeated later.

Abilities[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

Archwarders possess an ability known as Disruptor, it works by turning an opponent Titan's power against them. The more powerful they are the more susceptible they are to the ability. When Archwarder utilizes this ability it appears as an energy wave emitting in all directions. When the energy comes into contact with the amulet of a titan it surges with energy and the Seeker loses more and more control over the titan.

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