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DeFoe is a scheming, self-proclaimed mastermind. He leads the small force ordered to track down Lok’s journal and demands total obedience, even though his tactics often put his own men in serious danger.

Alongside his loyal right-hand man, Grier, DeFoe's mission has been the same for months: track Dante Vale and his team of The Huntik Foundation Seekers and stop them from interfering in the Organization's plans.

Defoe is willing to do anything to complete his missions, no matter how depraved and evil. His Titan is Kreutalk.

Personality Edit

Known for his high expectations, efficiency, and sadistic obsession with acid, DeFoe is feared by friend and foe alike.

Abilities Edit

With endless hatred, Huntik DeFoe pursues Dante and friends using his squad of Suit operatives, his signature Titan, the venomous Kreutalk, and an array of poisonous powers.

Spells UtilizedEdit

Boltflare Augerfrost Touchram Simplemind Poisonfang Raypulse

Bonded TitansEdit

Kreutalk Gar-Ghoul Redcap Mindrone

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