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Titan Type: Krono-Titan Warrior

Size: Average

Special Power: Teamwork

Height: 8 ft. 7 in. (2.62 m)

Weight: 600 lbs (272 kg)

Attack: 2

Defense: 1

Used By: Jason of the Argonauts, Lok Lambert, Zhalia Moon, Dante Vale, Sophie Casterwill, Others of the Huntik Foundation

Several Hoplite Amulets were found by Zhalia when she was searching for the Argo near Sutos Island, after finding Jason's diary which pointed them to where the ship was located. Upon finding Sophie and Lok fighting a coalition of Suits and island people she gave them each a Hoplite amulet so that they could battle.

History Edit

This Titan is like the centaurs of Greek myth, except it has a lion's body instead of a horse's body. Ancient Greek hoplites used swords, shields, and spears to defeat their enemies. Like this Titan, Greek hoplites grouped together in battle so their shields could overlap and create a stronger defense.

Abilities Edit

A relatively weak Titan with low attack and defense scores, Hoplites gain strength as they work together, as Dante elaborated on by saying, "One is a soldier, but two are an army".

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