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Titan Type: Meso-Titan

Size: Large

Special Power: Burn

Height: 10 feet 6 inches

Weight: 1,550 pounds

Attack: 4 (after burn 6)

Defense: 4 (after burn 6)

Used By: Dante Vale, unnamed Seeker

Ignatius is like lava. When he is burning at his hottest, he is almost too bright to look at. Ignatius Titan’s special power is burn. Ignatius Titans are common in Chile. Ignatius titans are also one of the more powerful, yet easy to find, titans that there is. He is difficult to control.

Abilities Edit

Ignatius can generate and manipulate fire, being very powerful he could easily take out a Mindrone or Redcap possibly even two. Although he may be outclassed by other Titans such as Breaker or Kreutalk, when he uses his Burn ability he is more powerful giving titans such as Caliban a problem. His burn ability takes time to charge, it is next to impossible to use when already in a battle. But if it is known that he will be in a battle soon it proves to be a great asset.

Design History Edit

The idea for this Titan was born while the designers were thinking about a stocky creature made completely of molten rock so hot that he actually glows orange and red through his cooler black stone shell. Ignatius isn’t an aggressive or deliberately dangerous Titan, and we didn’t want him to look like he was mean, so we gave him a rounder, softer overall look.

Trivia Edit

Ignatius’s name comes from the word ignite, which means “to set on fire.”

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