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Titan Type: Litho-Titan Warrior

Size: Large

Special Power: Dread Stare

Height: 9 ft. 9 in. (2.97 m)

Weight: 990 lbs. (449 kg)

Attack: 5

Defense: 3

Used By: Zhalia Moon

The basilisk is a legendary creature with poisonous breath and a deadly stare that turns creatures to stone if they stare at it. This Titan is the greatest of them all, and all other basilisks fear his power and rage.


The ancient Romans had a scholar who described the mythical Basilisk as a lizard that could kill from a distance. Their are stories of Basilisks in Europe, Rome, Greece, Africa, and South America


King Basilisk, a fearsome Titan, can turn enemies into stone and otherwise slash other Titans. When Zhalia first bonded with him it took time for him to charge up his Dread Stare attack, however she doesn't know if that was because they were still bonding or if its a natural part of the ability.

Design History[]

King Basilisk is a giant lizard-shaped creature, slender and sinuous, and he is very majestic in his movements. Originally, he looked more like a warrior lizard-man. As time went by, though, we thought it would be cooler if he looked more like a lizard and less like a human, so we hunched him over, gave his legs a backward bend, and made his face more monstrous. Overall, he we wanted him to look dangerous and intelligent—he’s not called Basilisk, he’s King Basilisk!


  • In European myths, the basilisk is a small monster that can turn creatures to stone just by looking at them.
  • The basilisk was called “king of serpents.
  • Notice how the spikes on King Basilisk’s head look like a crown.