ook bekend als The Lhikan

  • Mijn beroep is Mad Scientist
  • Ik ben a Reaper

Hoi, welkom bij Huntik Wiki! Bedankt voor je bewerking van de pagina Bestand:Wiki-wordmark (NL2).png.

Laat gerust een bericht achter op mijn overlegpagina als ik je ergens mee kan helpen! Quilafa (overleg) 30 jun 2013 03:22 (UTC)

Re wordmark Edit

Ha Lhikan,

I've tried to make something like that already but it didn't realy came out nicely. These are really nice, and I'm sure gona use them!

--— Quilafa (talk) 30 jun 2013 11:39 (UTC)

PS: I've added the english interwiki on your dutch userpage.

--— Quilafa (talk) 30 jun 2013 11:44 (UTC)

Re english Edit

I know! He didn't even used google translate or anything. Currently I'm bussy with metagolem and I did turned Lok into dutch.

--— Quilafa (talk) 3 jul 2013 09:50 (UTC)

PS: The en template was pretty good grammar.
PSS: The engels template not. I corrected it.
PSSS: Really? Your higher than me on the leader board now XD PSSSS: Now we are equal...

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