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Hoi! Welkom bij Huntik Wiki. Dank je wel voor je bewerking aan de pagina Lok Lambert.

Als je hulp zoekt en er zijn geen lokale beheerders, ga dan naar de forums op de Centrale Gemeenschapswiki Sannse (forum voor hulp | blog)


Heya Quilafa, I've done a bit of playing around in case you'd like to differentiate the NL Wiki logo from the others. If you like one of them, feel free to use it for Bestand:Wiki-wordmark.png. (#3 uses a transparent background with the logo bearing the flag colors of the Netherlands)

~ Lhikan634 (talk) 30 jun 2013 03:29 (UTC)

English Articles[]

Yikes… looks like Suttesut didn't even attempt to translate his articles… 23 of the 32 pages are English articles. I've set up the Sjabloon:Engels template that currently flags articles as being in English and as having originated on the English wiki. The Sjabloon:EN template just flags the article as having originated on the English wiki. Hopefully the translations are decent as I had to use Google-translate in the absence of my knowing Nederlands, lol.
~ Lhikan634 (talk) 3 jul 2013 09:16 (UTC)