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Holotome Profile
Name Solwing
Attack 1
Defence 1
Type Krono-Titan Scout
Size Small
Special Ability
User(s) Dante Vale
  • Height: 2 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 5lbs
see also: Solwing TCG

Solwing's helmet looks like a Greek or Roman warrior's helmet, a common decoration for Krono-Titans. Like a hawk, he can dive at incredible speed and turn moments before he'd hit the ground.

A faithful Titan to Dante Vale, Solwing's effectiveness to Seekers stretches into the modern age as he fights alongside The Huntik Foundation. It is shown in a flashback that Solwing was Dante's first bonded Titan.

History Edit

Solwing was a valuable asset to the ancient Greek Seekers who controlled him. He played many roles in those ancient times: messenger, soldier, scout, and friend.

In the time before email, the ability of Seekers to send a message over great distances in a matter of minutes in the capable claws of Solwing was a powerful advantage.

Abilities Edit

At war, Solwing's agile wings took him over enemy forces, and he was able to report back to his Seekers with invaluable information on their enemies' positions. On the battlefield, Solwing was no less valuable. His claws can slash at enemies or carry them away. His beak can pierce the strongest armor and he can send a gust of powerful wind to stop small Titans in their tracks and slow down larger ones.

Solwing's Amulet

Solwing's Amulet

Solwing's Icon

Solwing's Icon

Gallery Edit

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