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Holotome Profile: Abyssalfall
S2E38 Abyssalfall.png
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Portal
Series Information
Users Casterwill Hunters
Harrison Fears
First Appearance "The Casterwill Connection"

Abyssalfall is a Blood Spiral spell used to create a small abyss beneath the feet of the target that can swallow the enemy. This spell is similar to the destructive power of Darkvoid though is easier to escape.


When this spell was cast on Sophie Casterwill on the roof of the Cloisters by one of the Casterwill Hunters, Lok Lambert was able to rescue her by pulling her out of the abyss. S2E37

The spell was used by another Casterwill Hunter on Dante Vale outside the Temple of Sun, but he managed to overpower them. S2E38

Harrison Fears used the spell in his final battle with his brother, Den Fears, on a floating slab of rock. The spell forced the pair to jump to another rock. S2E51