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Holotome Profile: Acidheart
S2E39 Tantras Zhalia Acidheart
Spell Information
Aura Green
Class Bolt
Series Information
Users Tantras
Casterwill Hunters
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"
Acidheart is a spell used to make the target Seeker lose consciousness through targeting the heart. This spell manifests as a spherical aura on the hand which emits a wavelike stream of green or purple energy.


At some point, Acidheart was used by Klaus against Dante Vale so that Klaus could return to his experiments for the Organization. SAS-127

Acidheart was used by Rassimov to attack Lok Lambert during the Huntik Foundation's assault on the Professor's castle, effectively cutting Rassimov's opposition down to just Dante Vale. S1E25

In the hunt for the Willblade in Avalon, Wilder targeted Lok with Acidheart, but the spell was reflected with Armorbrand. After Lok acquired the Willblade, Wilder again tried to hit Lok with Acidheart, but the spell was negated by the Willblade. S2E30

Acidheart was used point-blank by Tantras when he deduced that Zhalia Moon was a spy. S2E39

During the assault on the Fortress of Iron Will, a Casterwill Hunter used the spell on LeBlanche, injuring him. Later, Tantras again used this spell to attack Sophie Casterwill and to buy time for Kiel. S2E40


  • In episode 25 - "The Divine Comedy," Acidheart premiered with a translucent violet aura and was nearly identical to Drybite. The coloration of Acidheart was changed for every subsequent appearance.
  • In episode 31 - "Chasing Void," the events of the previous episode, including Wilder's casting Acidheart, re-appear as a flashback, though neither Lok nor Cherit can remember these events.
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