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Holotome Profile: Akamaru
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Meso-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Poison Cloud
Series Information
Users DeFoe
First Appearance SAS-076
Akamaru is a Meso-Titan whose appearance is that of a snake-man, similar to that of Venomaster.


Akamaru is an Incan snake spirit, known to throw himself completely into battle with no regard for his own safety. SAS-076

DeFoe used an Akamaru to keep an unnamed green bug-like Titan of his in line and prevent it from growing rebellious. SAS-140


Akamaru is armed with a sleek dagger to stab his enemies. He can use his Poison Cloud ability to sacrifice himself but disorientate his enemies allowing his side to get away. SAS-076 He can also use a large staff to keep other Titans in line. SAS-140


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  • Akamaru shares his name with Akamaru Island, located in the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia.
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