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Holotome Profile: Albion
The Dragon Slayer
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 4
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 7 feet 2 inches
Weight 280 pounds
Special Ability Loyalty
Series Information
Users LeBlanche
Sophie Casterwill (temporarily)
First Appearance "The Secret of Two Generations" (amulet)
"The Mission"

Albion the Dragon Slayer is a Titan with a largely human appearance having gray armor, blue hair, and pale skin. His weapon is a golden sword which is attached to his armor by a energy thread. He is an immensely loyal Titan who can resist attempts at mind-control. This Titan was lent to Sophie by her butler, LeBlanche, in order to aid her in the coming battle against the Professor before being returned to him.


The very image of a medieval knight, Albion's combat prowess was imitated by innumerable kings and warriors of the ancient world. Though few knew it at the time, these armored fighters owe Albion for introducing the foundations of their martial arts.

Later, Albion came into the possession of LeBlanche and became his most powerful Titan. source?

Albion's Amulet was given to Sophie Casterwill for the battle against the Professor. S1E24 Albion proved himself useful against Araknos and was vital in Sophie's survival, being able to resist Araknos' Mastermind ability. After a fierce battle, however, Albion was defeated by Behemoth. S1E26

Later, Albion was returned to LeBlanche. He was invoked alongside Sentinel to save Sophie from the magical traps of the Crystal Caves. S2E29

LeBlanche invoked Albion on Avalon to fight Wilder's forces. Albion helped buy Zhalia time when she attempted to re-invoke King Basilisk. He fought and defeated Hoffman's Redcap. S2E30

LeBlanche invoked Albion to assist the Huntik team in rescuing Focauld Casterwill. The team used Albion's energy thread to reach Focauld where they fought Kiel and Marduk. Albion attacked Kiel's Ignatius before being defeated by Marduk's Cerberus. S2E37


Albion is well versed in combat. He primarily relies on a golden sword connected to his armor by an energy thread, this allows him to perform both close and long range attacks. This energy thread can be used to bind opponents or another grand variety of tasks and can also be detached to act as a rope. Albion also has a natural resistance to mind control, due to his Fierce Loyalty ability, although he has a natural loyalty to members of the Casterwill family. source?


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  • Albion's summoning commands are "Stand by my side" and "Engage."
  • Albion's name is derived from Albion, an old name for England. His appearance may be based on the word albino, an anagram of "Albion."
  • Information at was able to be unlocked with the password Titan24.