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"All Work and No Pay"
Season 1, Episode 14
S1E14 Sophie Sekhmet
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"Home Turf"
"The Sceptre Deception"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 17, 2009
US: June 13, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Tanto lavoro per nulla"
Series Information
Mission The Tomb of Nefertiti
Locations Valley of the Kings
Tomb of Nefertiti
New Information
Characters Alisa Clairmont and her dog
Complaining customer
Unnamed Suit 030
Unnamed Suit 031
Unnamed Suit 032
Unnamed Suit 033
Unnamed Suit 034
Unnamed Suit 035
Titans Ammit Heart-Eater
Spells Shadowpoint
Items Sceptre of Nefertiti
County of Kerry, Ireland

Lok invites the Huntik team to his mother, Sandra's, for a holiday, but Cathy, Lok's sister, knows nothing about the Huntik Foundation, and they have to keep her in the dark about their powers as Seekers.

Newgrange Tombs
The Huntik team helps Scarlet, a childhood friend of Lok, and an agent for the Huntik Foundation, recover the missing Titan, Gybolg, before the Organization.


The clues the team found in Prague, Czech Republic, are finally returned and lead the team to the Tomb of Nefertiti in Egypt. The Organization decides to make things a little more interesting by eliminating all record of Sophie Casterwill, including her funds, meaning the gang must find jobs to raise funds and make it to Egypt.


The team has returned from Ireland and recieve a package from the Huntik Foundation; they have decoded Jodis Lore's notes which point them to the Tomb of Nefertiti. The Professor is furious that our heroes keep defeating the Organization, and orders Rassimov to stop him for good. In order to stop our heroes Rassimov uses the Organization's connections to wipe Sophie's bank records and makes them nonexistent. When the team discovers this they are unable to afford a trip to Egypt. Zhalia leaves Lok and Sophie to deal with the problem on their own. To raise the money for the trip Lok, Sophie, LeBlanche, and Santiago get part-time jobs. There first job is working for a hotel but they are soon fired after an altercation with Alisa Clairmont and her dog. Their next job is at a cafe but are again fired after Lok used Boltflare to heat a rude customer's coffee after he complained that he ordered it hot. Their last job is at a fast food restaurant, but are fired again after getting into a fight with a group of suits who had come in to mock them. Back at the Casterwill townhouse, Dante shows up with plane tickets revealing that he has been working several small cases as P.I. to get the money for the trip. The team arrive in Egypt and reach the lost Tomb of Nefertiti only to discover it is already being excavated by a group from the Organization lead by Klaus. The two group fight and just when the team think they've won Klaus invokes Brahe forcing our heroes to retreat. At Organization Central, the Professor is furious at Rassimov because his action have reveal to the Huntik Foundation their influence into the world's bank, and uses a power from his ring to teach Rassimov to some obedience.


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