Holotome Profile: Amulet of Will
Amulet of Will
Artifact Information
Item Type Amulet
Effects Prevents Casterwill's curse
Used in summoning Overlos
Source Forged by Lord Casterwill
Series Information
User(s) Lord Casterwill
Lok Lambert
The Professor
First Appearance "Coming of Age"
Last Appearance "The Mission"
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The Amulet of Will is a powerful artifact once used by Lord Casterwill in summoning and alluded to in the journal of Eathon Lambert. Legend states that anyone attempting to control one of the three Legendary Titans, Araknos, Behemoth, or Tao, without the Amulet of Will will be cursed. The four gems of the Amulet of Will represent these three Legendary Titans as well as the Legendary Titan of Immortality, Overlos: blue for Tao, green for Behemoth, red for Araknos, and white for Overlos, who was sealed in the Amulet of Will.


Like the other Amulets, the Amulet of Will was forged in ancient history by Lord Casterwill in order to summon the Titans to do battle with the Nullifiers. The Amulet of Will was the original Amulet on Earth and was used to summon all other Titans from the Spirit World - Huntik. Due to the Legendary Titan of Immortality, Overlos, being sealed within this Amulet, Lord Casterwill was able to live for the 500 years' duration of the war.

Some time after this war ended, Casterwill cursed the Rings of the Legendary Titans, Araknos, Behemoth, and Tao, to prevent anyone from bonding with them without the Amulet of Will. After Casterwill died, the history of the Amulet of Will is ambiguous at best and remains a gradually unfolding mystery.

The next known Seeker to have come close to finding the Amulet of Will was Eathon Lambert, but he vanished before he could reach it. Eathon kept a detailed journal with clues leading to the Amulet of Will. His journal, however, was damaged after being found by Eathon's son, Lok Lambert, while being chased by the Organization's Suits. S1E01

The Huntik Foundation team, after a long search following clues left about the Amulet of Will, obtained it through passing four tests in Atlantis, placing Lok Lambert with Bravery, Dante Vale with Prowess, Sophie Casterwill with Intelligence, and finally Zhalia Moon with Nobility. S1E21

Using the Amulet of Will, Lok was able to bond with Tao without being subject to Casterwill's curse on the Legendary Titans. S1E23 However, the Amulet of Will was stolen by Wind and Shauna S1E24

According to the Professor's research, a ritual could be performed to invoke the Legendary Titan of Immortality, Overlos, who was contained in the Amulet of Will. S1E25 In the Professor's possession, the Amulet of Will, along with the Legendary Titans of Mind, Body, and Spirit, were used in a ritual uncovered through vast amounts of the Organization's research. However, due to the intervention of Lok, who combined the powers of Dendras and Archwarder, Overlos came under Foundation control and was used to seal the Legendary Titans and their Rings back in the Spirit World. S1E26

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