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Holotome Profile: Amulets
S1E07 Amulets.png
Artifact Information
Item Type Artifact
Effects Summons Titans from Huntik
Source Forged by Lord Casterwill
Series Information
User(s) Most Seekers
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"

Amulets are the most common artifact containing Titans, the other primary medium being the more-powerful rings. Amulets are usually shaped with a reference to its Titan or the Titan's icon. A jewel is set in its center, which has a color corresponding to the type of the Titan inside. Amulets also anchor a Titan to Earth, allowing them to cross over from the Spirit World known as Huntik.


In ancient history, Lord Casterwill forged the Amulets and Rings in order to battle and the Nullifiers, finally defeating them after a 500 year ordeal. At some unknown time after this conflict, these artifacts became hidden in locations such as tombs, dungeons, mazes, and temples. While the exact chronology is still under research, many Amulets of great value once belonged to such figureheads throughout history as Sir Lancelot of Camelot.

Having been hidden for thousands of years in some cases, the Amulets are currently being hunted by both the Huntik Foundation and The Organization, with the balance of the world hanging in the midst. While most of the Titans have slept throughout this time, their Amulets have been activating with an increasing frequency around the time Simon Judeau, now known as "the Professor," disturbed the Ring of Araknos. Since then, the Organization formed by him has hunted down these Amulets as he sought both world domination and a cure for the curse of the Legendary Titans.