"An Ally from the Organization"
Season 2, Episode 46
S2E46 Grand Facade takes Grier
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"The Phoenix's Ashes"
"Rassimov's Secret"
Production Information
Air date 5/18/2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Un'alleato dall'Organizzazione"
Series Information
Mission The Professor's Dossier
Locations Sutos Island
The Professor's castle
New Information
Titans Doberman
Powerbondings Powerbonded Breaker
Spells Rockforce
Items Rassimov's file
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Sophie faces her fears again to challenge Shauna and Wind to a deadly battle in the volcano. Lok, Dante, Cherit, and Den fight with all they have, but it looks like they're in trouble. Finally, Sophie leaps into the lava. She rises from the ashes, having bonded with the Legendary Titan of Rebirth, Phoenix.


After saving a pair of Grier's Men from a group of Silent Soldiers, Dante, Lok, Sophie and Den meet with Grier who agrees to help them obtain Rassimov file to help them devise a plan to capture him.

Dante and Grier fight side by side against Hoffman and his Suits while Lok and the others are faced by Wilder who is determined on using the files to command the Blood Spiral Brotherhood by blackmailing Rassimov.

Production Errors

  • Megataur is sent back to its Amulet twice by an Undergolem Titan without being re-invoked by Grier: once when punched and again when thrown into a wall.


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