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Holotome Profile: Anubian
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 6
Type Hecto-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 9 feet 3 inches
Weight 400 pounds
Special Ability Obsidian Sword
Series Information
Users Rassimov
First Appearance "The Unseen Guide"

Anubian, the Scarab Lord, is a powerful and unusual Titan, Anubian is formed by calling together the Black Scarabese and Gold Scarabese Titans. A Seeker must have enough power and control to command all five Titans to form Anubian.


The Black and Gold Scarabese were brought out of storage by Rassimov after losing Behemoth. Anubian then was used Rassimov at the Temple of Poseidon to fight against the Huntik Foundation. As a result of his strength and abilities, Anubian soundly defeated the Foundation's Titans, Caliban, Lindorm, Sabriel, and Kilthane, forcing a retreat to Atlantis. S1E20

Anubian was used again in the fight in Atlantis where Rassimov and Lok Lambert fought one on one. Although he defeated Lok's Lindorm, he was ultimately taken down by the powerful Baselaird and returned to his Amulet upon being sliced by the magical barrier protecting the room to the Amulet of Will. S1E21

His Amulet was seen being contained and locked away after Dante Vale used Sorrowbond to unbond him and Rassimov's other Titans from their Seeker. Dante instructed the Huntik Foundation agents to keep the Gold Scarabese separate to prevent any chance of Anubian being formed again. S2E47


Anubian has an attack power of 5 and a defense power of 6. S1E20 With the strength of a much larger and slower Titan, Anubian is a force with which to be reckoned. Anubian possesses large eyes on their knees and hands that allow them to see in all directions. source? They can also hover in air, moving without having to touch the ground. Anubians also have the ability to dissolve parts of their body to protect against attacks, causing them to become sand and then reform into a solid structure again S1E20, and the ability to manipulate desert sand both offensively and defensively. With his Obsidian Sword ability, Anubian can extend a large blade from the eyes on his arms to be used for direct combat. S1E20 He can also fire flame blasts from these eyes. LGS-080


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  • Anubian's summoning command is "Face the power of the ancients."
  • Scarabs, which make up Anubian, were sacred animals to the Egyptians.