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Anubian, the Scarab Lord, is a powerful and unusual Titan, Anubian is formed by calling together the Black Scarabese and Gold Scarabese Titans. A Seeker must have enough power and control to command the gold Scarabese Titans to form Anubian.



With the strength of a much larger and slower Titan, and the ability to use desert sand offensively and defensively, Anubian is a force to be reckoned with. Anubian possesses large eyes on their knees and hands that allow them to see in all directions. They can also hover in air, moving without having to touch the ground. Anubians can also dissolve parts of their body to protect against attacks, causing them to become sand and then reform into a solid structure again.


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  • Scarabs, which make up Anubian, were sacred animals to the Egyptians.
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