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Holotome Profile: Argo
Location Information
Type Ship
Location Sutos Island
Series Information
First Appearance "The Treasures of the Argonauts" (mentioned)
The Argo was a mythical ship owned and used by Jason and the Argonauts that was sunk just off of the shores of Sutos Island. Many of the Argonauts' treasures were sealed away here including the Apple of Paris, Hercules' Arrow the Golden Fleece and the Hoplite Amulets that were recovered by Dante Vale's team.


On their mission, Jason and the Argonauts, Dante's team hoped to track down the Argo and recover Jason's Titans, the Hoplites. After travelling to the Stavropolous River in Velo, Greece, the team dived down a shipwreck that they believed to be the Argo. However, after arduously working to bring the ship to the surface, they learned that the ship belonged to Atalanta. The hull of the ship did however provide a map detailing where the Argo was sunk. S1E10

The team continued their search for the Argo but had to stop off at Madea Island after their speedboat was damaged by a malignant plant. Whilst there, they encountered the deadly illusions of Jason's Titan, Madea. S1E11

The team traveled to shores of Sutos where Zhalia Moon single-handedly dived down to retrieve Jason's Hoplite Amulets to complete the team's mission while the rest of the team confronted Grier and his Suits. Whilst in the ship, she encountered numerous other treasures of the Argonauts, including the Apple of Paris, Hercules' Arrow and the Golden Fleece along with the Dragon's teeth and Chest of Hoplite. S1E12

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