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Holotome Profile: Armorburn
S2E35 Armorburn
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Kiel
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
Armorburn is a fiery spell that creates a burning red aura around the user. This aura can be used to give close combatants a serious burn or to burn through objects such as walls. This spell is used by Kiel.


Armorburn was used by Kiel on Medusa's Island to combat Sophie Casterwill. S2E35

This spell later was used by Kiel to destroy the door to the Cloisters . S2E37

When Kiel used this spell in hand to hand combat against Dante Vale, Dante used the spell Chillskin to counter the burning effects of this spell. S2E40

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