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Holotome Profile: Atlantis
Location Information
Type Sunken city
Location Greece
Series Information
Inhabitants Mermen
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Atlantis is the sunken city in Greece, the entrance is at the Ruined Temple of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Ocean, near the temple is also where Lok Lambert found his father, Eathon Lambert's amulet Baselaird. Atlantis has one of the last surviving Casterwill compounds as stated by Sophie and was also the location of the Amulet of Will. There are five temples of Posedion built by the Atlateans, four in the city and the ruined one the surface entrance. The city has some sort of magical bubble a round it, so humans can breath and it also seems to protect the city.

Casterwill Compound

It is one of the last surviving compounds of the Casterwill family, and is protected by an enchantment left to protect it. Before being allowed in to the compound you must pass the four tests: Bravery, Prowess, Intelligence, and Nobility. Once passing the test's you can let yourself in and friends any time by telling the enchantment, as used by Lok to attack Rassimov and his Suits while he is in a rage after discovering that his father, Eathon Lambert never made it to the compound. The lower level of the compound has a small table for the puzzle key that Eathon Lambert had found. Lok placed it in the keyhole, and then solved the puzzle in order to obtain the Amulet of Will. S1E21


  • Bravery: Lok Lambert had to walk through a wall of flames and as long as he showed no fear he would not be harmed
  • Prowess: Dante Vale had to fight three Mermen and win. However, every time he invoked a Titan the Mermen could invoke an Atlantean version of equivalent power; Coralgolem for Metagolem, and Caliban Ocean Warrior for Caliban. The only way he won was was by using Behemoth, the Legendary Titan of Body because Legendary Titans have no equivalent.
  • Intelligence: Sophie Casterwill had to answer a question. "How many temples to Poseidon did the Atlateans build?" The answer was six. Four in the city (one at each corner of the city), one behind the Casterwill compound, and one on land at the entrance.
  • Nobility: Zhalia Moon had to be honest with herself and had to show inner-nobility. She admitted her past wrongdoings.
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