Holotome Profile: Belgrieve
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 5
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Series Information
Users Ford
First Appearance The School of Mystery
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Belgrieve is a Krono-Titan used by Ford. It is strong enough to fight on equal terms with Dante's Caliban, it was even on the upper hand and broke Caliban's sword.


Belgrieve was firstly summoned by Ford to fight against Caliban. Belgrieve was at the upper hand and even broke Caliban's sword, however because it was high tide and the cave was filled with water, there was risk of drowning and Ford thought that the treasure was gone, Ford returned Belgrieve to its amulet and he and the other Organization members retreated. HC#01


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  • Belgrieve likely is based on a combination between a Cyclops and a Faun, a half human - half deer creature of Greco-Roman mythology, or some other form of goat people.
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