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Holotome Profile: Billie
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Salon Museum
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Dark Brown
Series Information
American Voice Actor Cindy Robinson
First Appearance "The Tower of Nostradamus"

Billie is a pretty Seeker on the Huntik Foundation who reports to Nasher. A close friend of Peter, Billie works undercover at the Salon Museum in Salon, France, as a subordinate of Nasher.


Billie gave tickets for the Salon Museum to Wilder and his men when the Organization managed to locate the tower of Nostradamus. She then looked through the files of the Organization and found some information on Hoffman. Later, Billie and Peter tried to stop Wilder and his men, with her summoning Melee Artist She was able to take out Stack only to be defeated by Wilder, Hoffman, and some Suits. She and Peter, along with a third Huntik Foundation operative, later were rescued by Dante Vale and his team. S2E28

Billie also took part in the fight to stop the Betrayer and fought against a Silent Soldier. Though she was overpowered, she was assisted by Nasher. S2E51


Little is known about her abilities, as she is known to be capable of invoking the Titan, Melee Artist, and use basic spells such as Raypulse. Despite being a member of the Huntik Foundation, she does not appear to be a particularly powerful Seeker. She is capable of speaking both French and English and has mastered both accents.

Spells Used

Bonded Titans


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