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Holotome Profile: Blackbull
Base Stats
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Special Ability Wild Charge
Series Information
Users Diaz
First Appearance "The Bulls of Pamplona"

Blackbull is a large bull-like Litho-Titan that used by both Diaz and Snake


Snake invoked Blackbull in Pamplona to attack the Huntik team in order to recover the Amulet of Ghostfog. Because it was the running of the bulls in Spain, Blackbull did not stand out among the many bulls at the festival. Diaz also invoked a Blackbull but it was defeated by Dante Vale. HC#16


Able to cover great distances, Blackbull is a Titan of tremendous speed, strength, and stamina. With his large, powerful, razor-sharp horns, he can demolish what stands before him, be it a Seeker or a Titan.


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