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Holotome Profile: Bladestorm
S1E25 Rassimov Bladestorm
Spell Information
Aura Violet
Class Blade
Series Information
Users Rassimov
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"
Bladestorm is a Blood Spiral spell that sends out a fury of sharp blades. This spell is similar to the Bladewave and Darkwave spells also used by the Blood Spiral.


Reportedly Rassimov's deadliest power, few have survived this attack. However, both Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill survived being attacked by Rassimov's Bladestorm spell and thus number among its few survivors. SAS-129

Rassimov used this power against Dante Vale as part of his numerous traps set up at the Professor's castle. Both Dante and Rassimov fought one another using a blade from the power, with Rassimov using Firebrand to halve the blade into two with a dangerous lit end. S1E25

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