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Holotome Profile: Blasteater
S1E19 Suit Blasteater.png
Spell Information
Aura Green
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Rassimov
Unnamed Suit 028
Unnamed Suit 041
Wilder's Suits
First Appearance Home Turf

Blasteater is a defensive spell that manifests as a green aura shaped like a mouth with sharp teeth that opens up to consume oncoming attacks. It is typically used by members of the Organization.


The spell was used by Unnamed Suit 028 in Newgrange Passage Tomb to counter a Raypulse from Sophie Casterwill. S1E13

Unnamed Suit 041 used the spell to consume an Augerfrost attack from Lok Lambert. S1E19

The spell was later used by one of Wilder's Suits in Peru to counter a Poisonfang attack from Zhalia Moon but was disabled by Sophie's Shieldbreaker power, causing to Suit to be hit. S2E27


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