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Holotome Profile: Blue Star
S2E38 Blue Star
Object Information
Object Celestial Body
Effects Calls together the Casterwill family out of hiding
Source Quetzalcoatl
Series Information
User(s) Casterwill family
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Titan in the Temple of Sun"

The Blue Star is a signal to reunite the scattered members of the Casterwill family and is the antithesis to the Red Comet. The Blue Star, in actuality, is a form of the Legendary Titan of Summons, Quetzalcoatl.


Upon meeting with the Huntik Foundation Council, Dante Vale's team were sent on a mission by Teien Casterwill to activate the Blue Star and to bring the Casterwill family members out of hiding. Following the quatrains on Eathon Lambert's Holotome, Lok Lambert managed to acquire the Ring of Quetzalcoatl from the Temple of Sun in the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Upon summoning the Titan and saving his teammates from Kiel and the Blood Spirals, Lok transformed Quetzalcoatl into the Blue Star. S2E38

With the Blue Star high in the heavens, the scattered members of the Casterwill family reunited at the Fortress of Iron Will. S2E39

When Lok fell into a gap between dimensions while exploring Tír na nÓg, he spoke with his father, Eathon Lambert, who hinted to Lok that the Blue Star would be necessary when confronting the Betrayer. S2E48

During the battle against the Betrayer and the Legendary Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan, Lok transformed the Blue Star back into Quetzalcoatl. S2E52


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