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Holotome Profile: Boltflare
S1E24 Lok Boltflare.jpg
Spell Information
Aura Orange
Class Bolt
Series Information
First Appearance "The Casterwill Client"

Boltflare is a basic spell that creates a sphere of orange energy. Although basic, this spell is highly versatile and can be made to float around on its own or to be held in the hand of the caster. source? This spell can also be used offensively to shoot a jet of magical fire at opponents or to disorient the opponents by temporarily blinding them. source? It is also capable of being used offensively due to being extremely hot. S1E16


Despite Boltflare's being a basic spell, Lok Lambert took an abnormally long time to be able to properly cast this spell. S1E02

Lok Lambert used Boltflare to heat up a customer's coffee, however the spell made it too hot and caused both himself and Sophie Casterwill to be fired from that job. S1E14

Boltflare was used to melt the metal doorknob to Klaus' bookshop. S1E16