"Boys Will Be Seekers"
Season 2, Episode 36
S2E36 Hitokiri Freelancer Den
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"Zhalia's Mission"
"The Casterwill Connection"
Production Information
Air date May 01, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "I nuovi cercatori"
Series Information
Locations Blood Spiral Base
Dante's house
Huntik Italian HQ
Venice, Italy
New Information
Titans Hitokiri
Spells Runamok
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Aegean Sea: Medusa's Island

On the trail of the Titan, Medusa, the Huntik team meets the explosive Spiral hunter, Kiel. Zhalia's plan to ambush Kiel fails, and it is nearly a disaster. But Lok solves the puzzle and recovers the amulet. Sad, Zhalia leaves Dante and the others to do what she does best: infiltrate the Spirals.


Den and Harrison Fears both train with their factions. Den is recruited by the Huntik team to replace Zhalia but the pressure gets too much and he runs away. Lok and Cherit race to find him before Tantras and the Blood Spiral do.



  • The English title of this episode is a spoof on the well known phrase "Boys will be boys".
  • The two street thugs who attack Lok were seen attacking Zhalia Moon in a flashback of her past in The Beautiful Trap.
  • The scene where the Gondolier is knocked into the water by Lok is a reference to A Seeker Is Born in which the same event occurred.
  • In Italy, this episode is titled The New Seekers.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Hitokiri
Attack 4
Defense 3
Type Yama-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Quick Draw
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