Holotome Profile: Bristlebind
S1E22 Bristlebind
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Restrictive
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
Scarlet Byrne
First Appearance "The Legacy of Thor"
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Bristlebind is a spell that causes a number of thorny vines to grow out of the ground and then wrap around an opposing target. These vines not only cause damage due to the thorns but also restrict movement. It is manifested initially as a beam of red energy on the Seeker's hand which then produces the vines. The vines can either be projected directly from the beam or from a surface with which the beam makes contact.


Bristlebind was used by Dante Vale to bind the legs of Ymir. S1E07

Dante used it slow down Grier. S1E12

Lok used it to obstruct an Organization Sedan car. S1E22

Marduk also used this spell to ensnare Dante Vale's Metagolem in Mexico during the search for the Ring of Quetzalcoatl. S2E38

S2E40 S2E46 S2E48

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