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Holotome Profile: Bubblelift
S1E16 Sophie bubblelift
Spell Information
Aura Blue
Class Bubble
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Den Fears
Lok Lambert
Scarlet Byrne
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "Two Powers Become One"
Bubblelift is a spell that allows the casting Seeker to create a blue bubble around an object and then lift it into the air. The spell is useful for moving heavy objects or for isolating Titans or other people. This bubble, however, can be popped easily by attacks from outside.


Dante Vale used the spell in the Temple of Thor to place Tersly in a bubble in order to get him out of harm's way whilst fighting Fenris. He floated over to Sophie Casterwill who popped the bubble and helped him up. S1E08

Sophie used the spell to remove and destroy traps left by Klaus in a cabinet in his lab. She later used it to block a stairway with a bookcase, bolstered by Dante's Stopglue power. S1E16

In the Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot, Sophie used the spell to trap Impet in a bubble before Sabriel slammed it into a Suit. S1E18

Zhalia Moon used the spell to take the Ring of Behemoth from Hippolyta. S1E19

After her parachute was compromised by attacks from Wilder's Suits, Sophie used Bubblelift to stop herself from falling. The bubble was hit by another attack however, leaving her to cling to a branch of a tree. S2E27

Lok Lambert used the spell to attach Dendras' dragons to Incubane whilst fighting Wilder on Avalon. S2E30

Sophie used the spell to land a bin on top of a Silent Soldier in Rotterdam, Netherlands. S2E33

Lok used it in conjunction with Dendras again in Medusa's Cave to neutralize Volcana whilst ambushing Kiel. S2E35

Sophie Casterwill used Bubblelift to create a water balloon to throw at Den Fears whilst attempting to tutor him. He later attempted to do the same but she caught him. S2E43

Dante Vale used the spell to remove the Amulet of Legion from around Rassimov's neck and kick it towards Lok who destroyed it using the Willblade. S2E50

Scarlet Byrne used a red version of the spell on herself so she could safely land as she jumped off a Scramjet during the final battle at the Blood Spiral Base. S2E51


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