Holotome Profile: Bulreguard
Base Stats
Attack 0
Defense 0
Type Gaia-Titan Scout
Size Average
Height 4 feet 1 inch
Weight 160 pounds
Special Ability Speak
Series Information
Users Guggenheim
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"
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Bulreguard is a dog-like Gaia-Titan that resembles a brown-furred bulldog wearing a spiked collar and Celtic-inspired clothing with red, black, and yellow designs. As man's best friend in the world of Titans, Bulreguard Titans are often used outside of battle as companions for Seekers. Their keen senses and friendly demeanor make them valuable when adventuring.


Bulreguard was invoked by Guggenheim when warning Dante Vale against the perilous mission of accepting the Professor's invitation. Though Guggenheim feared so much for Dante and his team that fighting him was an option, Bulreguard simply greeted Dante by licking him. It was eventually agreed that Dante's team would follow their plan, although without Foundation support. S1E25

Bulreguard later was invoked to assist alongside Dante's team in fighting against the multiplying Gremlow Titans infesting the Hamelin Cathedral. Using his Speak ability, Bulreguard was able to temporarily hold the swarming Gremlow at bay. S2E41


Bulreguard has a base attack power of 0 and a defense power of 0, both of which increase based on mission zone. OAL-033 His speaking ability can be used to intimidate and hold off encroaching opponents. S2E41 The enhanced senses and morale-boosting of Bulreguard are often used by Seekers when going on adventures to keep on the right track.


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  • Bulreguard's ability to speak is based on the command for dogs.
  • Dogs, like cats, are very good at hunting rats, so using a canine Titan to hunt rat Titans was a good decision on Guggenheim's part.
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