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Holotome Profile: Caliban Ocean Warrior
Caliban Ocean Warrior.jpg
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 6
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 6 feet 10 inches
Weight 290 pounds
Special Ability Tidal Lance
Series Information
Users Mermen
First Appearance "Coming of Age"

Caliban Ocean Warrior is a Krono-Titan used by the mermen of Atlantis and is the Atlantian counterpart of Caliban. A golden masked warrior, Caliban Ocean Warrior is the fiercest known warrior of Atlantis. Instead of a mane of hair, this aquatic warrior sports seaweed which grows from his head.


A close cousin of Caliban, Caliban Ocean Warrior is often thought to be a product of Casterwill magic, created to defend their coastal and sub-oceanic strongholds. In reality, Caliban Ocean Warrior is an entirely original, unaltered Titan, who happens to be a powerful warrior Titan in such environments. For this reason, they have been collected by Casterwill elders for so many centuries.

The Mermen of Atlantis invoked three Caliban Ocean Warrior Titans during Dante Vale's Test of Skill in response to Dante's invoking Caliban. After Dante's Metagolem was countered with three Coralgolem Titans, the Mermen explained that they each were able to invoke an equivalent Titan to whatever Dante summoned. Dante's Caliban was then defeated by two Caliban Ocean Warrior Titans. Seeing an opportunity, Dante invoked Behemoth as Legendary Titans have no equivalents. The Mermen and their Titans were defeated when they attempted to do the impossible and invoke an Atlantian equivalent to Behemoth. S1E21


Caliban Ocean Warrior has many similar abilities to its close cousin, Caliban. Unpredictable in battle, Caliban Ocean Warrior sports a large, golden harpoon as well as sleek, finned armor. Though sacrificing some of the attack power of Caliban, the Ocean Warrior variety possesses heightened defensive abilities. Like Caliban with the Seekers of the rest of the world, Caliban Ocean Warrior's power found these Titans in the hand of those who influenced the course of history, namely the Casterwill family.


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