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Holotome Profile: Casterwill Library
S1E18 Casterwill Library.jpg
Location Information
Type Casterwill Library
Location Paris, France
Series Information
Inhabitants Dellix
Lucas Casterwill
First Appearance Memory Lane

The Casterwill Library is located in suburbs of Montmorency, Paris, France nearby the old Paris Casterwill house where Sophie Casterwill grew up. The library later served as the base of operations for Lucas Casterwill's team.


The place had been first discovered by Sophie and Cherit, when Dante sent them to look for a Foundation Library while he and Lok went to Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot. As they entered they had been observed by Lane and Dellix. Inside they found the key to a Casterwill cypher. S1E18

Later the whole team returned there to look for information about Willblade. It was then when they first encountered Lucas and his teammates. The two teams fought before coming to an understanding. S2E31

Sophie, Lok and Cherit returned to the library to update Lucas and his team on the emergence of the Blood Spiral after their failed mission to recover Void from Klaus' bookshop. S2E32

The library was also one of Sophie's recurring childhood memories. S1E18 S2E31 S2E45



  • Lane mentions that the front door will only open for a Casterwill. However, the barrier will allow non-Casterwills to enter, so long as said condition is fulfilled.
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