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Holotome Profile: Castle of Vlad Dracul
Vlads Castle.png
Location Information
Type Castle
Levels 3
Series Information
Inhabitants Vlad Dracul (formerly)
Antedeluvian (formerly)
First Appearance "The Vampire Loses its Fangs"

The castle of Vlad Dracul was once the home of Vlad Dracul, also known as Vlad the Impaler, and ancient and evil Seeker. It was here that the wild Titan, Antedeluvian, haunted as well as where the Heart of Vlad Dracul was hidden. Many traps were left to protect the artifacts and secrets of Vlad Dracul.


To enter the castle, the Spear of Vlad the Impaler, which once contained Antedeluvian's Amulet, had to be inserted into a molded wound on a statue at the castle's gate. The inside of the castle was found to be full of magical traps and secret passages.

Most of Vlad Dracul's Amulets were hidden in a bag behind layers of traps, and the bag's rope was sealed with a spell securing the amulets from the hands of good Seekers. Vlad's final and most powerful Titan, the powerful and wild Antedeluvian, continued to inhabit the castle after his Seeker's death. S1E17 It later became Powerbonded to Harrison Fears.

The spire of the castle contained a throne room housing a powerful and evil artifact, Heart of Vlad Dracul, which had been hidden under the throne. The power of Vlad Dracul was contained in this artifact and was later sought after by Tantras of the Blood Spiral. S2E43


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  • The real castle nicknamed as "Dracula Castle" is the Bran Castle, a fortress located on the border between Walacchia and Transylvania.