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Holotome Profile: Cavern of the Gargoyle
Cavern of the garyogle 2.png
Location Information
Type Cave
Location Rouen, France: Seine River
Series Information
Inhabitants Joan of Arc (formerly)
First Appearance "Into the River of Secrets"

The Cavern of the Gargoyle is located in a remote portion of the Catacombs in Rouen, France. The cavern is only accessible from the Seine River in France, and the entrance was protected by a statue of a Gargoyle. The statue was a magical trap that projected highly-pressurized blasts of water out of its mouth. Underneath the main chamber was a secret base used by ancient Seekers, most notably by Joan of Arc.


The Cavern of the Gargoyle was used as a secret base for the Seekers of France such as Joan of Arc. Gar-Ghoul's Amulet was hidden within these caves, as suspected by the Huntik Foundation by Joan of Arc. Also left behind in this base by Joan of Arc were her notes as well as a map to the Ring of Arc.

The Cavern of the Gargoyle was explored in the mission, The Legend of the Gargoyle, by the team of Dante Vale, accompanied by Peter after his being freed from his wrongful imprisonment in the Rouen Police Office.

The Amulet chamber was found to be located behind the entrance cavern, inside of which was a magical trap used to deter people from taking the amulet of Gar-Ghoul, and it had two passages. One behind the main statue that held Gar-Ghoul's amulet served as an exit. The other passage was behind another statue that served as a passage to the secret base chamber, located below the entrance chamber. For this passage to be revealed, water had to be poured through the statue's jug so that the statue moved to reveal the passage. S1E04

Underneath the main chamber, the team found a secret base for Seekers, notably including Joan of Arc. Only Seekers could access the chamber as it was pitch black and as magical light sources such as a Boltflare could be used here. Peter's using a flashlight triggered a trap in which the floor collapsed, revealing a spiked floor below. Lok Lambert managed to escape thanks to invoking Kipperin. The team managed to locate the notes of Joan of Arc as well as a map to the Ring of Arc. S1E05


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