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Holotome Profile: Cerberus
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Litho-Titan
Size Unknown
Series Information
Users Dr. Benway
First Appearance "The Casterwill Connection"
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Cerberus is a three-headed, dog-like Titan who has flames for fur along with sharp teeth that can rip enemies apart and claws that are sharp enough to pin enemies down, making it a very dangerous Titan. Cerberus Amulets are in the possession of Marduk and Rahman.


Cerberus inspired the Greco-Roman myth of a three-headed dog that was said to guard the gates to the Underworld.

Rahman's Cerberus

The Huntik team and Organization both went after a Cerberus Amulet. Dante Vale recovered the amulet but was taken hostage by Dr. Benway, who took the Amulet. Cerberus then fought against Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Zhalia Moon, and Kilthane. However, Dante teamed up with the recently double-crossed Organization agent, Rahman, who assisted Dante in reclaiming the Amulet. Rahman then bonded with the Titan, preventing Cerberus from obliterating the team. HC#14

Marduk's Cerberus

Another Cerberus Titan was bonded to Marduk, a member of the Blood Spiral. Cerberus was used by Marduk to fight Albion and Vigilante during an attempt to force Casterwill family knowledge from Focauld Casterwill. Cerberus overpowered the two Titans, but was defeated by a daring strike organized by Sophie Casterwill. S2E37

Marduk again invoked Cerberus to fight against the Casterwill family during the attack on the Fortress of Iron Will. Here, Cerberus attacked Sentinel and defeated him but was defeated when Nimue Casterwill used the combined powers of Soulburn and Sacroblade. S2E40


Cerberus has three heads with powerful jaws, sharp teeth and claws. This Titan is capable of moving at great speed to attack. His bites can cause tremendous amounts of damage, as when he took out Vigilante and Albion in multiple bites. Cerberus is also quite resistant to attacks, as when he was stabbed in the chest by Vigilante with no effect. S2E37


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  • Cerberus' summoning command is "Hunt them, Cerberus!"
  • Although Cerberus is a Litho-Titan, the Cerberus was a creature from Greek mythology like most Krono-Titans.
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