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Holotome Profile: Chaingolem
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Medium
Special Ability Large Stride
Series Information
First Appearance OAL-034

Chaingolem is a Litho-Titan who is used by the Huntik Foundation and whose body is composed of a multitude of chains. He is a smaller, weaker counterpart to the other known golem Titans which include Metagolem, Coralgolem, Undergolem, and Brahe.


Chaingolem battled with a Jokoul Titan and was able to demobilize it with his chains. OAL-034


Chaingolem appears to be able to control chains and use them as a weapon, similair to the Psikofen Titans. In comparison to the other golem Titans, Chaingolem has the weakest stats, although this fact means that he requires less energy to invoke. His 'Large Stride' ability allows him to cover great distances when he moves.


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