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Holotome Profile: Chillskin
S1E16 Ignatius Chillskin Dante Lok Sophie Zhalia.jpg
Spell Information
Aura Blue
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "The Bookshop Hunter"

Chillskin is a shielding spell that creates a barrier of blue energy as protection from fire-based dangers.


Sophie Casterwill used this spell to strengthen Dante Vale's Overshield when he used Ignatius's flames to burn away Klaus's mutant flying spiders. S1E16 She also used this spell to protect herself from the fiery effect of Kiel's Armorburn. S2E38

The Mermen of Atlantis used this spell to defend themselves from Dante Vale's Boltflare. S1E21

This spell was used by Dante Vale to protect him and his team from Kiel's Ignatius. S2E40