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Holotome Profile: Clements
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Cathedral of Notre Dame
Identifying Traits
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Series Information
First Appearance "Divide and Conquer"

Clements is a researcher working for the Huntik Foundation at his station in a secret Foundation base located within the Cathedral of Notre Dame. He was taken hostage by the Legendary Titan of Fate, Arc, but was rescued by the Huntik team.


Clements' research within the Cathedral of Notre Dame has led to him coming into the possession of the Amulets of several Titans including Freelancer, Hoplite, and Ironsquire. S2E34 He was later given charge over safeguarding and researching the Ring of Arc. S1E06 When the Ring was taken out of the Reliquarium for study and became active, Clements became trapped in a dreamlike state until Dante Vale's Huntik team was able to free him. S2E34

Clements later joined the Huntik Foundation at the Spiral Mark during the final battle as part of the research team alongside Billie and Nasher. He analysed the Spiral energy while the others fought the Blood Spiral. S2E51 Following the defeat of the Betrayer, Clements, Montehue and several other Foundation agents were stationed at the Spiral Mark to make sense of the data. Unbeknownst to them, the mark appeared to still be active and shone out across space to signal the return of the Nullifiers. S2E52


Clements is a highly skilled researcher whose specialty lies in the study of ancient relics and magical artefacts. He was not shown to possess any fighting skills, however his research has led him to come into the possession of several Amulets.

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