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Holotome Profile: Crystal Caves
S2E29 Crystal Caves.png
Location Information
Type Casterwill family base
Location Coastline of Northern England
Series Information
Inhabitants Mallory
Nimue Casterwill
Vivian Casterwill
First Appearance "Cave of the Casterwills"

The Crystal Caves, also known as the Casterwill Caves, are a Casterwill base located in northern coast of England. The magic of Lord Casterwill courses through the large, blue crystals within the caves. The caves are the home of Nimue Casterwill, the Lady of the Lake, as well as Vivian Casterwill, her granddaughter. The two means of entering the caves are through an entrance on the other side of the cliffs and through a portal near the beach which could be opened by the Lady of the Lake.


The Huntik team found the caves while searching for Avalon and the Willblade. However, the team was attacked by the guardians of Nimue Casterwill, the Lady of the Lake, upon nearing the nearby shore. The Huntik team then took refuge in a nearby cave. One of the entrances to the Crystal Caves was later discovered by Zhalia Moon. She, Dante Vale, and Lok Lambert returned to investigate the caves. Here, they were attacked by Mallory and White, Nimue's guardians.

Meanwhile, the magic of the Crystal Caves began to react with Sophie Casterwill's hand, causing it to emit a blue, magic light. Sensing this reaction to a member of the Casterwill bloodline, Nimue Casterwill opened the portal to the Crystal caves to let Sophie enter. After passing the magical traps with the aid of LeBlanche, Sophie entered the actual caves. Here, she was offered the Amulet of Sorcerel, the sister of Sabriel, should Sophie prove herself worthy through passing a test. Sophie succeeded in gaining the Amulet, reuniting and Powerbonding with Sabriel in the process. Following the test, Sophie and Nimue joined Dante and company, stopping the fight and welcoming the newcomers to the Crystal Caves as friends. S2E29


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