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Curse of the Legendary Titans
Curse of the Legendary Titans
Trap Information
Class Casterwill Curse
Subject Guarded The Rings of Araknos,
Behemoth, and Tao
Series Information
Users Lord Casterwill
The Curse of the Legendary Titans is an incredibly powerful and deadly curse that was placed on the Rings of the Legendary Titans by Lord Casterwill and that causes those who disturb them without the Amulet of Will to be struck by an incurable ailment. This ailment targets the very will of its victims and this cannot be combatted even through magic.


In ancient times, Lord Casterwill guarded the rings of his personal Legendary Titans with this curse, and by protecting the rings he effectively protected Overlos as well. source?

When the Ring of Araknos was disturbed by a young Simon Judeau, he was afflicted by the curse and hospitalized. source? In order to circumvent the curse, he made a pact with Araknos, binding their life forces together. source?

Later, when the Ring of Behemoth was disturbed by Metz, he similarly was afflicted and hospitalized under the care of Lady S. source? As the curse protecting the Ring of Behemoth was already activated, Dante Vale was able to use the ring without falling victim to the curse even though he wasn't wearing the Amulet of Will. S1E19

when Lok Lambert found the Ring of Tao in King Solomon's mines, he was able to acquire the ring without invoking the curse due to his wearing the Amulet of Will. S1E23


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  • In "The Unseen Guide", The Oracle is suffering from an unspecified curse. While it is not revealed what he suffers from, the afflictions are similar to the Curse of the Legendary Titans.
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