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Holotome Profile: Cutrace
S2E36 Spiral Student Cutrace
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Speed
Series Information
Users Harrison Fears
Silent Soldiers
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"

Cutrace is a basic spell used by the Blood Spiral and is comparable to the Hyperstride spell. This spell increases the caster's speed and agility, permitting quick escape, sudden strikes during combat, and an increased jump distance. The spell manifests itself as a purple to red aura surrounding the caster's legs as opposed to the blue aura of the related Hyperstride spell.


Rassimov used this spell to charge at Dante Vale and later to jump up onto the footbridge in the Professor's castle. S1E25

One of Tantras' Silent Soldier students used this spell run across a canal in Venice, Italy. S2E36

Marduk used this spell outside the Fortress of Iron Will to chase Santiago up a cliff. S2E40

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