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"Dante's Return"
Season 2, Episode 52
S2E52 team victory final
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"Lok and the Betrayer"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 30, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il ritorno di Dante"
Series Information
Locations Blood Spiral Base
Spiral Mark
Huntik International HQ
New Information
Powerbondings Powerbonded Pendragon
Spells Everheal
Harrison and Den fight but Zhalia breaks cover to save them both from a cave-in. The Casterwills and the Huntik team clash with the Blood Spirals as Lok and Sophie fight the Betrayer. Zhalia is hurt, trying to save them from the Betrayer's Titan, Demigorgan, but she is rescued by Den and Harrison together.


The Huntik team falters in the final battle against the Betrayer and his powerful Legendary Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan, but a newly empowered Lok and a resurrected teammate turn the tide.


The Final Battle Continues

Den and Harrison try to work out their feelings for each other as the Betrayer advances on them. The brothers invoke Jericho and Dullahan who take on Demigorgan while they simultaneously attack the Betrayer with Raypulse. As Harrison rushes to protect Zhalia, Jericho shields him from the Betrayer's Shocklash but the Betrayer uses Shadowlock to paralyze Harrison. Demigorgan stomps Dullahan into the ground, returning it to its amulet, but as Den tries to run away, he is saved by Lok and Raijin the Thunderbolt, with Sophie, Sabriel and Cherit in tow.

On the battlefield, Metz uses Overshield as Lady S. uses Everheal to revive an unconscious Lucas Casterwill. Teien is surrounded by Bazela's Insects but the Rue Guardians defeat them. Wind and Shakrit attack the Scramjets, with Wind using Overslam to badly damage LeBlanche's plane. Santiago and Kunoichi rescue him at the last second, and the three escape as the jet crashes into the ground and explodes.

Montehue, Tersly and Scarlet watch in horror as Wind and Shakrit attack another Scramjet. They climb aboard to find Momax, who has a plan. Using Mjolnir, Momax and Montehue launch the hammer into Shakrit, defeating it and sending Wind falling through the air.

Fighting Demigorgan

Zhalia invokes Gareon to help Lok, Sophie and Den as they battle Demigorgan. The Betrayer reveals the true power of his Titan as it projects copies of Lok, Sophie and Zhalia that hypnotize their respective Titans, Raijin, Sabriel and Gareon. Den is shocked as Sabriel protects the mimic from his Raypulse. Sophie realizes Demigorgan is able to subvert the complex bond between Seekers and Titans.

The team rush forward as their doubles send Sabriel and Raijin back to their Amulets, but Cherit holds Lok back, warning him of a trap. Sure enough, the Seeker images morph into copies of their Titans, that attack the team, with the Sabriel and Gareon mimics hypnotizing Sophie and Zhalia. Lok summons the Willblade as he and Cherit are chased by Raijin's double. Unable to defeat it, Lok is hit by a blast from Demigorgan and knocked to the floor. As Demigorgan attacks again, the Willblade shields Lok from the blaze. A newly empowered Lok grabs the Amulet and invokes Powerbonded Pendragon. Using his "Energy Sword Breath" ability, Pendragon helps Lok destroy Demigorgan's Titan mimics and save the team.

Pendragon fights Demigorgan but another image appears. As Pendragon cowers away, the team realize it is the Champion of Casterwill, Pendragon's original Seeker. On the brink of defeat, Lok realizes that, despite Demigorgan posing as Eathon's Holotome, his real father was truly spoke to him in the Inter-dimensional World at Tír na nÓg, warning him he would need another Legendary Titan. Lok reaches to the sky and calls down Quetzalcoatl, the Titan of Summons. As the Legendary Ring appears, Lok places it in the Willblade and with a huge wave of crackling blue energy, defeats Demigorgan, destroying his Ring for good. The team regroup as Lok collapses, exhausted from summoning two Legendary Titans.

Fighting the Betrayer

As the weakened team make their way towards the Spiral Mark, Lok is dispirited, having given all he had and still failing to stop the Betrayer. Den assures Lok that he saved their lives but Lok is devoid all hope. Sophie tearfully breaks down at the thought of never having another adventure with him again, to which Lok refuses to let happen. As the Betrayer proceeds to activate the Spiral Mark, the team prepare to launch one final attack when they are stopped by Sandra Lambert and Lucas Casterwill. The pair attack the Betrayer themselves, joined by Lunar, Solar and Templar. It appears to go to plan with the Betrayer disappearing. But Den and Zhalia's tattoos burn in pain as the Betrayer is revives and defeats their Titans, paralyzing Lucas and Sandra with Shadowlock. The Betrayer attacks the team knocking them all to the ground.

Dante Rises from the Ashes

Zhalia desperately wonders what Dante would do and opens her Logosbook to read a message saying, "You can't get rid of me that easily". Suddenly Umbra appears, attacking the Betrayer before staggering over to the team. He exhaustively delivers a pile ashes before weakly collapsing and fading away. The team stare in disbelief as they realize the ashes are Dante's. There is a burst of bright light and Dante appears, alive and unscathed. He reveals to the elated team that used Copykind to borrow the Phoenix's ability to rise from the ashes. As the Betrayer revives too, Dante proceeds to face him. The two Seekers battle as Lok desperately tries to intervene but is too weak. As Dante is overpowered, the Betrayer uses Shadowlock to paralyze him. Lok and Sophie hurriedly find the real quatrains of Nostradamus on the Cypherdex and find one historical prophecy, "The Betrayer fears his own medicine", causing Lok to recall the Betrayer always attacks from behind. As Dante uses Stoneglove to grab him, Cherit blast the Betrayer in the back revealing the Spiral Symbol, the source of his revival. Lok summons the Willblade and launches it through the Betrayer's back, destroying him and ending his ritual once and for all.

The team are joyous as the sun rises, finally ending the longest night. Lucas, Sandra and Harrison are freed from the Betrayer's hold, and the Huntik Foundation and Casterwill family members come together in their victory.

New Beginnings

Three months later, at Huntik International HQ, Metz introduces Dante as the newest member of the Huntik Foundation Council. In Peru, Lok is the new leader of the Huntik team, composed of Zhalia, Sophie, Den and Cherit, as they overlook the Amazon basin. At the Spiral Mark, Clements, Montehue and the other Foundation agents survey the Mark. Unbeknownst to Montehue, the Mark begins to glows, flickering like a heartbeat. Shining far out into space, the light signals the return of the Nullifiers.

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