Holotome Profile: Dante Vale's house
S1E03 Dante's house
Location Information
Type House
Levels 4
Location Venice, Italy
Series Information
Inhabitants Dante Vale
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"
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Dante's house is where Dante Vale lives in Venice, Italy. Dante's house has several floors with large, extravagant rooms as well as a rooftop deck. As his house serves as a base of operations for the Huntik Foundation, the house is fortified with Foundation technology and magic.


Suits cornered Lok Lambert in front of it just as Dante returned from the supermarket with groceries. After Dante fought them off, he invited Lok into his house so that he could study Eathon's journal. Here, Dante then explained about the Organization, the Huntik Foundation, Seekers, and Titans to Lok. However, DeFoe, Grier, and the Suits cornered them inside of it. S1E01 Dante then revealed to Lok that his house was well fortified with Foundation technology and a magical barrier since it is considered to be a Huntik Foundation base. S1E02


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