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Holotome Profile: Dark Pharaoh
Dark Pharaoh.jpg
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 3
Type Hecto-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 9 feet 2 inches
Weight 210 pounds
Special Ability Sandsweep
Series Information
Users Casterwill Hunters
Rassimov (formerly)
Unnamed Suit 040
First Appearance "The Golden Asp"

Dark Pharaoh is a mysterious four-eyed Titan. He levitates across the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. This Titan has no arms, but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a powerful punch, so to speak.


Dark Pharaoh is a Blood Spiral Brotherhood Titan that was in the possession of Rassimov. S1E22

Rassimov later gave Dark Pharaoh to one of his Suits. The Suit invoked it to fight Solwing and Caliban. It was defeated by Dante Vale's Touchram spell. S1E22

The same Suit invoked Dark Pharaoh to participate in the large battle in King Solomon's Mines. Dark Pharaoh fought Feyone but was defeated by Tao, the Legendary Titan of Spirit. S1E23

A Dark Pharaoh Titan was in the possession of Omeed, an Organization operative. LGS-044

A Casterwill Hunter invoked a Dark Pharaoh Titan to attack Powerbonded Caliban and Ironsquire. Ultimately, Dark Pharaoh and Ironsquire defeated each other. S2E37

A Casterwill Hunter invoked Dark Pharaoh to attack Lok Lambert and Powerbonded Kipperin. Dark Pharaoh then fought Powerbonded Sabriel and Sophie Casterwill. S2E44


Dark Pharaoh can pull air into his ethereal body through the nose-like structure on his face; however, most Seekers believe he pulls more than air from his enemies. Many believe he can consume courage, strength, and power, as well as happiness. Dark Pharaoh's Sandsweep ability lets him glide through the air and fire balls of sand at enemies.


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  • In Season 2, Dark Pharaoh's summoning command is "Curse them!".