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Holotome Profile: Dark Triton
C04 Dark Triton.jpg
Base Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Type Krono-Titan
Size Unknown
Series Information
Users Alexander the Great
Captain Caine
Dante Vale
First Appearance "The Treasures of Alexandria"

Dark Triton is a Krono-Titan and is the evil counterpart of Triton. In contrast to his equal, Dark Triton has green skin and dons a spiked dark grey helmet and silver armor.


Dark Triton belonged to the famous Alexander the Great who founded the coastal city of Alexandria during his conquests. Along with three Triton Titans, Dark Triton guarded the lighthouse of ALexandria inspiring the legend of four juggernauts guarding the structure. After Alexander's death, Dark Triton was buried beneath Alexandria in a cave in the depths of the ocean, along with three Triton Amulets. HM#04

Many centuries later, Dark Triton's Amulet was recovered by Captain Caine for the organization. He invoked him underwater to fight alongside Megladeath against the other Triton Titans that had been recovered by Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill. With Dark Triton's Amulet allowing him to pass through Alexander's barrier and reach the surface, Caine gave the Amulet to Gregor. However it was then taken by Dante Vale from Gregor when the two fought during the ensuing battle. HM#04


Like his counterpart, Dark Triton is a powerful warrior of the sea, specialized in fighting underwater and armed with a trident on his right arm to fight off enemies.


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  • The Triton Titans are based on Triton, the messenger of the ocean and the son of Poseidon.
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