Holotome Profile: Darksleep
S1E25 Zhalia darksleep
Spell Information
Aura Violet
Class Mental
Series Information
Users Silent Soldiers
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"
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Darksleep is a spell that cause the target to fall asleep or to lose consciousness. During casting, caster's eyes glow violet while the hand is engulfed by a violet mist, which then surrounds the victim.


This spell was used by Zhalia Moon at The Professor's castle on one of the Professor's Elite Suits. S1E25

The spell was used by a Silent Soldier to knock out one of Wilder's Suits outside Klaus' bookshop. S2E32

Zhalia later used Darksleep in Venice, Italy to render Den Fears unconscious and rescue Harrison Fears. S2E36

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