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Holotome Profile: Dellix
Dellix 2.png
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Base of Operations Casterwill Library
Identifying Traits
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "Memory Lane"

Dellix is one of the members of Lucas Casterwill's team along with Lane. A loyal defender of the Casterwill family and skilled swordsman, Dellix won't hesitate to help his brothers and sisters in battle even if it means disobeying his superior.


Dellix was a guardian of the Casterwill Library in France along with Lane. S1E18

Dellix returned when Lucas Casterwill came out of hiding as part of Lucas' team. They launched an attack on the Huntik team at the Casterwill Library, overpowering them and ordering them to surrender. However, Zhalia Moon turned off her Thoughtspecter illusions to unveil her Titans and Dellix was stopped by Gar-Ghoul. Lucas then revealed himself to be the brother of Sophie Casterwill. Lucas' team soon revealed they were on a mission to find the Amulet of Void. S2E31


Before any action, Dellix often asks Lucas what he thinks and seeks his approval. However, when Lucas' decision doesn't match his own, he often manifests it and does what he believes is right. He is extremely loyal to the Casterwill family, calling them brothers and sisters. He can't stand the thought of them suffering and engages in battles to protect them. He is quite impulsive and lets his heart tell him what is right. It contrasts with Lucas' stark and prudent behavior. S2E40 He seems to be close to Lane, as they're often seen together.


Dellix is an excellent swordsman who tends to rely on his physical strength rather than spells or Titans. He does however favor the spell Lightedge, which he uses to his enhance his sword's offensive power.

Spells Utilized


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