Holotome Profile: Den Fears
Den Fears
Biographical Information
Relations Harrison Fears (brother)
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral (formerly)
Huntik Foundation
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
Italian Voice Actor Leonardo Graziano
First Appearance "Den Vs Harrison"
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Den Fears is a boy that used to live in the orphanage where Zhalia Moon previously grew up. Den was forced to become part of the Blood Spiral; however, he is a good Seeker who later joined the Huntik Foundation. Den became a replacement for Zhalia when she infiltrated the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, so the team could still be composed of four people. Yet a rookie in the Seeker world, he, like Lok Lambert, became a powerful Seeker and one of the main agents of the Huntik Foundation.


Den was raised with his brother, Harrison, in the same orphanage in which Zhalia grew up. Den would protect his brother from bullies around the orphanage, unknowingly using his latent Seeker abilities. When the Blood Spiral took interest in the orphanage, Tantras began to teach the orphans to become his Silent Soldiers. Den showed remarkable potential, initially catching the eye of Tantras, though failed to bond with the Marauder Amulet. As the brothers debated about joining the Spiral, Zhalia Moon appeared with a warning. S2E33

After magically being marked with the symbol of the Spiral by Rassimov, Den decided against this life, realizing that it would mean becoming nothing more than a bully to others. However, his brother, Harrison Fears, decided to remain with Tantras and began to harbor a grudge against Den. As Den joined Zhalia, a conflict between the Blood Spiral and the Huntik Foundation erupted, during which Den managed to bond with the Amulet of Vigilante which Lok Lambert dropped. After the battle, Den went to Dante's house with Dante Vale's team. S2E33

Den and Harrison fought each time when the team and the Blood Spiral Brotherhood met. He bonded with Vigilante but was swiftly defeated. At one time, Den nearly took Harrison to the Huntik Foundation, but Zhalia Moon used a Darksleep on Den to prevent such an occurrence. source?

Through a series of tests and trips to the Huntik library to learn Huntik spells and improve as a Seeker. He got bored and frustrated with his training, but Lok Lambert helped in teaching him. After this, Den looked up to Lok as a brother as compared to Harrison, who he now considered an illusion of his past self. source?

During the battle against the Betrayer, Den was attacked by Harrison, igniting a fierce fight between the two. However, they soon joined forces to defeat the Betrayer. S2E51


Den is very playful and likes to think highly of himself, often boasting about his deeds. However, he is very protective of people he cares for. He is fearless and will fight to the end with his enemies. Den doesn't hold a grudge against the world for being an orphan, as his younger brother Harrison does. He often defends the weak ones. He seems to learn fast and wants to use his newly found powers to help others in need. It is for this reason that he idolizes Lok, who has taken him under his wing as a teacher and older brother. For Den, Lok is the ideal super hero and hopes to one day be his equal.


S2E33 Den bonds with Vigilante

Den bonds with the dark Titan Vigilante

Den discovers his Seeker powers when he is defending his brother from bullies. He is a fast learner and quite athletic, always willing to try new moves in combat. Den's strong dark side allows him to bind with Titans like Vigilante thus making him valuable to the team whilst his resistance to evil is clear through how he failed to bond with Marauder, whose Amulet he was given by Tantras.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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  • According to the 17th Issue of Huntik Magazine, Den is 14 years old.
  • Den's Italian voice actor, Francesco Graziano, is famous for providing Naruto's voice in the Naruto anime.
  • Den's name is a variant of the Greek name Dennis, meaning "follower of Dionysius," or of the Old English name Dennison, meaning "son of Dennis." His last name is derived from the English word fear.
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