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Holotome Profile: Den Fears
Den Fears.png
Biographical Information
Relations Harrison Fears (brother)
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral (formerly)
Huntik Foundation
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
Italian Voice Actor Leonardo Graziano
American Voice Actor Grant George
First Appearance "Den Vs Harrison"

Den Fears is a boy that used to live in the orphanage where Zhalia Moon previously grew up. Den was forced to become part of the Blood Spiral; however, he is a good Seeker who later joined the Huntik Foundation. Den became a replacement for Zhalia when she infiltrated the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, so the team could still be composed of four people. Yet a rookie in the Seeker world, he, like Lok Lambert, became a powerful Seeker and one of the main agents of the Huntik Foundation.


Den bonds with the dark Titan, Vigilante

Den was raised with his brother, Harrison, in the same orphanage in which Zhalia grew up, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Den would often protect his brother from bullies around the orphanage, unknowingly using his latent Seeker abilities. When the Blood Spiral took interest in the orphanage, Tantras began to teach the orphans to become his Silent Soldiers. Den showed remarkable potential, initially catching the eye of Tantras, though failed to bond with the Marauder Amulet. As the brothers debated about joining the Spiral, Zhalia Moon appeared with a warning. S2E33

After magically being marked with the symbol of the Spiral by Rassimov, Den decided against this life, realizing that it would mean becoming nothing more than a bully to others. However, his brother, Harrison Fears, decided to remain with Tantras and began to harbor a grudge against Den. As Den joined Zhalia, a conflict between the Blood Spiral and the Huntik Foundation erupted on the Erasmus Bridge, during which Den managed to bond with the Amulet of Vigilante which Lok Lambert had dropped. After the battle, Den went to Dante's house with Dante Vale's team. S2E33

Welcomed into the Huntik Foundation, Den began training at Huntik Foundation Italian HQ, but would take time out to play with Lok and Cherit, at one time playing a large scale game of chess. S2E34

Lok gives Freelancer to Den

After long periods of intense concentration and training under the guidance of Clease, Den soon grew bored and frustrated at his lack of improvement. After accidentally wrecking the HQ library, Den was asked by Lok, Sophie and Dante to join their team, having been recommended by Zhalia herself to replace her to which he happily agreed. However, overwhelmed by the responsibility, Den ran away, determined to find Harrison by himself. After being attacked by his former fellow orphans, now official students of the Blood Spiral, he was rescued by Lok, Cherit and Powerbonded Kipperin. Upon realizing the Spirals were after Den, Lok gave him his Freelancer Amulet stating they would be a good match. After meeting the Tantras and his students for a confrontation, Den took on his brother, considerably more powerful and brutal, and with Cherit and Freelancer's help was able to defeat him. Den nearly took Harrison to the Huntik Foundation, but Zhalia Moon used a Darksleep on Den to prevent such an occurrence and earn Tantras' trust. Now part of the team, Den returned to studying now with Lok helping him. S2E36

Over time, a growth in experience shaped Den to become both braver and stronger. His first adventure outside the city in Mexico saw him get kidnapped by Kiel and Marduk, however he did not let this break his confidence and helped Cherit and Lok activate the Blue Star. S2E38 The Huntik Foundation Council were also impressed with his bravery and gave him a new Titan, Cursed Archer, which he used whilst assisting Dante in the Great Rift Valley, Africa. S2E39 His fortitude showed immensely when he joined Dante and Lok in taking on an entire army of Blood Spiral soldiers whilst defending the Fortress of Iron Will. S2E40

Den and Kaioh the Tracker in Hernán Cortés' vault

Whilst staying in Baja California, Mexico, Den befriended a native American Seeker named Teeg who gave him the Amulet of Kaioh the Tracker. Den later used Kaioh in Hernán Cortés' vault, which proved vital in finding the Ring of Umbra the Shadow Jaguar. S2E42

Brought closer by their numerous adventures together, Den grew to look up to Lok as a brother as compared to Harrison, who he now considered an illusion of his past self. S2E46 Den took to the experience of feeling part of a family when staying at the Lambert house, with Sandra Lambert growing very fond of him. Whilst in Ireland, Den found the Amulet of Dullahan the headless knight in the ruins of Tír na nÓg. S2E48

On the longest night of the year, Den and the Huntik team travelled to Nostradamus' tomb where they found the last quatrain. Experiencing great pain from his tattoo, Den warned the team that they were almost out of time. After a battle with Marduk and his men, Den and the team were teleported by Umbra to the Spiral Mark. S2E49 Determined to find his brother once and for all, Den thanked the team for everything before bidding them farewell and using Camoforge to become invisible and enter the Blood Spiral Base. S2E50

Upon finding Harrison, a fierce battle ensued between the two, with Den powerbonding with Vigilante. However, cave-in resulted in them being rescued by Zhalia Moon and Kilthane, who brought them to safety. After witnessing Zhalia at the mercy of the Betrayer, Harrison realized he was fighting on the wrong side and used Powermark on Kilthane to revive Den, whom he begged for help. Back together, they joined forces to attack the Betrayer. S2E51 Den helped the newly reunited Huntik team defeat the Betrayer and witnessed Dante's return from the ashes. After the defeat of the Blood Spiral, he was seen reunited with Harrison and, later, standing with the team in the rain forest with Lok as their new team leader. S2E52


S2E51 Den 13.png

Den is very playful and likes to think highly of himself, often boasting about his deeds. S2E48 However, he is very protective of people he cares for. He is fearless and will fight to the end with his enemies. Den doesn't hold a grudge against the world for being an orphan, as his younger brother Harrison does. He often defends the weak ones. S2E33 Den has also shown himself to be a fast learner and someone who wants to use his newly found powers to help others in need. S2E36 It is for this reason that he idolizes Lok, who has taken him under his wing as a teacher and older brother. Den's loyalty towards led him to risk his own safety to save him from Hoffman's Trapcage power in the Vault of Cortes S2E42 and he tried to encourage Lok when he became devoid of hope during the final battle. S2E52 For Den, Lok is the ideal super hero and hopes to follow in his footsteps and one day be his equal. S2E46

Den is also a big eater, often keen to find a place to get food. S2E39 S2E41 He thoroughly enjoyed the home cooking of both Teeg S2E42 and Sandra Lambert. S2E48


Den summons the dark Titan, Vigilante

Den discovered his Seeker powers whilst defending his brother from bullies at his orphanage. S2E33 He is a fast learner and quite athletic, always willing to try new moves in combat. S2E37 Den's strong dark side allows him to bind with sinister Titans like Vigilante and Cursed Archer, thus making him valuable to the team whilst his resistance to evil is clear through how he failed to bond with Marauder, whose Amulet he was given by Tantras.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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  • According to the 17th Issue of Huntik Magazine, Den is 14 years old.
  • Den's Italian voice actor, Francesco Graziano, is famous for providing Naruto's voice in the Naruto anime.
  • Den's name is a variant of the Greek name Dennis, meaning "follower of Dionysius," or of the Old English name Dennison, meaning "son of Dennis." His last name is derived from the English word fear.